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Frank Zomerdijk

I don’t know where you get your information from.

But this is a Belgium FAKE movie. So all actors playing in it, and by far not a TV show in the Nederland’s!

Denver Law

THANK YOU!!! Real or not I laughed loud and hard. It has been months since I have done so and I didn't realise how much I have been missing...A1+


You hear it all the time, but what does it actually mean? Board Certified If you have a board certified doctor or a board certified surgeon what are you really getting? Well board certified describes a physician who has passed a written and an oral examination given by a medical specialty board and who has been certified as a specialist in that particular area. The educational program and evaluation that the physician receives is approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties. It is an full examination that is specifically designed to assess the knowledge, the skill and the experience required to provide proper and quality care to a patient undergoing a specific specialty treatment.
When seeing a dermatologist or plastic surgeon it is very important to see one that is board certified in the area of practice that you are going to be receiving. Unfortunately there are some doctors out there that claim to be board certified and maybe they are, but you wouldn’t want a nose job from a doctor who is used to working on feet would you?
The Doctors on shows like Dr. 90210 are all board certified in the areas in which they practice. The services they provide are excellent because of their immense amount of education and experience in the area.


It most likely wasn't the doctors fault, unless they are really stupid and can't tell the balls apart from any other part of the body. I would put my money on the records got screwed up and he got the wrong orders to do the wrong operation.


I hope the rest of your website contains more accurate information. This is indeed a tv show from Belgium played by actors.


This is indeed a parody on reality-tv. It's from the Belgian program "In de Gloria". You can find a lot of movies on YouTube from the program. It's not even that weird that you think this is real. When it first aired on television al lot of viewers thought this was real.My favorite is this one:


Hi, there,

Funny, but not true. Men/boys who have their testicles removed have a high-pitched voice if and only if it happened before puberty. They don't go through puberty, their vocal cords don't change, and they retain their child-like voice. It does *not* happen if the castration occurs in adulthood.
Thanks for sharing, though. It was amusing.


Hilareous, although not Dutch and not real, if I were to interview this guy without having him heard talking before, you could have scraped me off the floor with laughter ;)

buy viagra

It was belgium parody, but still knowing that fact, this video is so hilarious, no matter if is real or not, I laugh loudly eeach time I see it.

Generic Viagra

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You can find a lot of movies on YouTube from the program. It's not even that weird that you think this is real.


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