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This is genius! Fantastic impersonation of both Bush and Clinton.
I've sent it to most people in my e-address book. Some humorously Bush supporters would be offended.
pat rogero


Does anyone know who the name of this comedian is? Please let me know. Send info to Thank you! -rm

Kate Daw

This was great! His impression of Bush and Clinton is just amazing. This man is so talented, and I would love to know who he is, and where he performs so if anyone knows, please add your comment.


Any info on the comedian's name?
That guy was awesome and I'd love more info.

Charlie Smith

What application runs the "Bush Funny Clip"? I've downloaded but can't open. I need a good laugh!


Did anyone manage to figure out this guys name ? Is there anymore stuff from him ? Really funny comedian .. Please email me with any info ..


Carole, Illinois, USA

Same here. What is this guy's name? This guy is good! I want more!


Anyone recognize the set in the background. Might be able to find out who he is by looking up the show he was on. Tonight show maybe???


The comedian is Frank Caliendo.

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